V5: Feature Article 1: Informed Consent: Theory and Practice

Introduction For many years a “simple consent” by a patient was enough to protect podiatrists against legal recourse by a dissatisfied patient. About a decade ago, litigation over the requirement of informed consent began in earnest. A more complicated set of rules began to develop beyond the original simple idea that a physician could not … Read more

V5: Case Study 4: Altered Records

The podiatric physician’s perspective My name is Zach Hoffman. I’m a podiatric physician. I’ve been in solo practice for almost 10 years. I started out in a group practice, but my partners and I didn’t agree on a few things, so I left them and opened my own practice. Let’s just say we had a … Read more

V5: Case Study 3: Electronic Health Records

The podiatric physician’s perspective My name is Steve Dempsey. I joined a group practice ten years ago, right after I completed my podiatric residency. All four of us in the practice found the paperwork overwhelming. So I approached my partners about finding ways to reduce the paperwork and streamline our operation. We all agreed we … Read more

V5: Case Study 2: Failure to Diagnose

The podiatric physician’s perspective I’m Kendrick Wallace. I’ve been practicing podiatry for eight years. I’m in a group practice with two other podiatrists. We all have the same practice philosophy and are interested in staying current with the most up-to-date practices and equipment. We attend conferences and seminars every year and we have a “journal” … Read more

V5: Case Study 1: Wrong-Site Surgery

The podiatric physician’s perspective My name is Pauline Bowers. I’m a podiatric physician. I’m 46 years old and have been in solo practice for 15 years. After podiatric college and a residency in surgery, I returned to my hometown and started my practice. I guess you could say I’m a workaholic. I haven’t had time … Read more

V5: Focus on the Fundamentals – Introduction

As a podiatric physician, you face challenges every day, and your choices are critical to providing the finest, safest patient care possible. Raising your awareness of risk management techniques and methods and applying them to your daily decision-making processes helps to minimize your potential exposure to a malpractice claim. DT Podiatric Risk Management Course—Volume 5: Focus … Read more